Creating a Video Player and Issues with Fullscreen: #JavaScript30 — Day 11

Big Buck Bunny video, video player paused

Video Events & Scrubbing

  • pause: Playback has been paused
  • play: Playback has started.
  • timeupdate: The time, found via the currentTime (see below) attribute, has been updated.
  • currentTime: reading the currentTime will return a ‘double-precision floating-point value’ showing the current playback point in seconds. You may set the currentTime to a certain playback position.
  • duration: Duration is a Read only attribute. It will show a double-precision floating-point value of the media in seconds, on the media’s timeline. If there is no length, video, or an invalid media, the return value will be NaN. If the media has no known ending, such as a live stream, the return value with be +Infinity.
  • width: This indicates the width of the video’s display area in CSS pixels. Only values, not percentages, are valid.

A Note on Fullscreen




Software Engineer & Children’s illustrator living in Western Mass. &

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Fia Sutton

Fia Sutton

Software Engineer & Children’s illustrator living in Western Mass. &

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